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Eclipse Carpet Series by TAN win Elle Decoration EDIDA

Recently, ELLE Decoration International Design Awards (EDIDA), sponsored by ELLEDECORATION, one of the most influential home and lifestyle magazines in China, were unveiled at Milan International Furniture (Shanghai) Exhibition. 13 home designs by promising young designers from Greece, France, Italy Spain, UK, China, etc. won the awards. 

“Eclipse” carpet series designed by HVN Design Studio for TAN Carpet & Home won the best floor decoration design award and became the only Chinese brand among the winners. 

Launched in November 2002 and very authoritative in the industry, EDIDA is the world’s first design award whose winners are selected by professional media. The fact that “Eclipse” carpet series won the award showcases TAN and HVN’s superior international design aesthetics and world-class design capabilities. 


Other designers and brands winning the awards are: 

Designer of the Year

Lu Zhirong (Greece)


Promising Young Designer of the Year

Thomas Dariel (France)

The Best Furniture


Designer: Patricia Urquiola

Brand: Glas Itlia

The Best Chair Design


Designer: Antonio Citterio

Brand: B&B italia

The Best Bed Products Design

Designer: Arik Levy

Brand: Savoir Bed

The Best Tableware Design

Tie Set

Designer: Benoit Pierre Emery

Brand: Hermès


The Best Lamp Products Design

Blush Lamp

Designer: Fromafantasama

Brand: Flos

The Best Outdoor Furniture Design


Designer: Ludovica +Roerto Palomba

Brand: Giorgetti

Best Kitchen Products Design

Cove Kitchen

Designer: Zaha Hadid Design

Brand: Boffi

The Best Bathroom Products Design


Designer: Neri & Hu

Brand: Agape


The Best Plus Material Design

Mesh, Tracery, Pare

Designer: Scholten & Baijings

Brand: Maharam

The Best Wall Products Design


Designer: Artur Miranda, Jacques Bec

Brand: de Gournay

Henny van Nistelrooy is a Dutch designer with great passion for Chinese culture. She studied interior design in the Netherlands for her bachelor’s degree and got a master’s degree in industrial and product design at Royal College of Arts, UK. She currently works and lives in Beijing because of her love of Chinese culture. 

The moon enjoys a more prominent place in Chinese culture than in other cultures. In the eyes of Henny, the moon is the secret code for Chinese culture. It is an eternal theme in ancient Chinese poetry. There is a poem entitled Moonrise in the Book of Songs, the earliest poem collection in China. A poem entitled Bright Moon collected in Nineteen Ancient Poems is regarded as the earliest poem with five Chinese characters in a line. Cao Pi, a Chinese poet nearly 2,000 years ago, wrote “The moon shines brightly on my bed and the galaxy moves west in deep night” in Song to Yan Kingdom, the earliest poem with seven Chinese characters in a line. There have been countless poems on moon in the Chinese history. The moon has cast an indelible light and shadow in the hearts of Chinese people. The Chinese nation has had a long-lasting affection for the moon in history. Meanwhile, the moon has produced a profound impact on the Chinese nation. 

Li Bai, a well-known Chinese poet over 1,000 years ago, wrote in his poem named “Night Thoughts”, “In front of my bed, the moonlight is very bright/I wonder if that can be frost on the floor/I list up my head and look at the full noon, the dazzling moon/I drop my head, and think of the home of old days.” The design of “Eclipse” carpet series was inspired by the solar and lunar eclipse and this very poem. In our design, each carpet is made of two pieces joined together in three different shapes and colors. Different carpets symbolize different stages of eclipse from the beginning to total eclipse. Through reproducing the whole process, the series highlights the moon’s influence on Chinese culture and its prominent position.

All the "Eclipse" carpets were manually woven by Nepalese craftsmen in 4 months. Using 100% Nepalese wool, the carpets have been carefully produced as high-end home decoration products after many complex processes including spinning, dyeing and hand-weaving, etc. With advanced and innovative design and superior quality, the carpet series finally moved all the EDIDA judges and won the Best Floor Decoration Award. 

We set up a new experience store in Shanghai Four Seasons Hotel where the carpet series are displayed in different colors. If you are interested in appreciating the award-winning products, please visit us in the hotel located at 500, Weihai Road, Jiangan District. We sincerely welcome your visits.