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Art of hand-woven rugs was the focus of large-scale industrial production of products in its heyday, and now it already no longer be regarded as a medium of artistic creation. This project succeeded the cooperation model of TAN with international renowned artists. The first collaboration Chinese artists are selected by “Art Value”, 2010, including Zeng Fanzhi, Tan Ping, Fang Lijun, Zhou Chunya, Yang Shaobin, Ding Yi, and Liu Ye etc. Each guest artist will be use the rugs as a particular carrier, to work out a special theme of Art piece. This art project has lasted for 5 year,

The works of “CHINA MASTER” Art Rugs Exhibitionin, is presenting these Chinese artists, the transition process of themself to explore the unknown process of steering. In the prior times, these Chinese artists focused on skills, such as the limitations of color, material texture, yarn, woven material to complex skills. With the gradual progress with the production, artist’s creation has not been compromised of new medium, however, results can be further strengthened, which also spawned a group of art rug works, born out of the historical background along with rich contemporary charm. These hand-knit but special, soft, plush surface; its feel comfortable, from the point of view whether creative or simple reproduction, it is suitable for large size interpretation of the concept and image rendering. Art carpet, its concept is complex and owns long history, Today these Chinese artists use their hands to resume its former vitality, and demonstrated it is still expressive art form in the present moment.