AN Carpet & Home is a luxury brand devoted to high-quality life. We design and produce the most exquisite rugs and carpets in the world. TAN Carpet & Home (China) was established in 2010, focusing on the perfect integration of artistic design and processing technologies of contemporary rugs.

In 2010, the company cooperated with the most renowned Chinese artists including Zeng Fanzhi, Zhou Chunya, Ding Yi, Tan Pin, Fang Lijun, Liu Ye, Yang Shaobin, Li Lei, etc. and jointly launched its first series of original products entitled “Chinese Masters”, which generated strong response in the industry. In addition to working with famous artists and designers, the company attaches great importance to the building of its own design team and product development. Meanwhile, we provide professional customized service targeting individualized space and offer comprehensive carpet solutions for high-end clubs, hotels and luxury housing projects. 

So far, the company has developed into an important rug producer and distributor integrating modern design and artistic styles. We have stores and agents in Beijing, Shanghai, Chengdu, Xiamen and other cities.