Position Vacant:Sales Manager, Consultant of Imported Brand-name Furnishing

Job Responsibilities:
1, Manage sales activities, make sales plans and development strategies. Analyze the marketing skills of peer companies. Make sales budget or sales target. Develop pricing strategy.
2, Develop and check sales plans. Lead the team to fulfill the sales tasks.
3, Participate in negotiation of important contracts.
4, Be responsible for the cooperation with major clients. Work with marketing and sales teams to make sure efficient service delivery.
5, Direct and supervise the teams of the company. Be responsible for training and performance evaluation.

1, Bachelor degree and above, with a major in management or marketing. Over 3 years experience as marketing manager in furnishing or luxury industry. Have experience of e-commerce.
2, Have advanced marketing methods. Have experience in developing marketing strategy, market exploitation, market management, terminal maintenance and brand building.
3, Have sharp market sense and be able to grasp market trends. Have the ability to analyze market information.
4, Have excellent leadership, communication skills, expression ability, high sense of responsibility and strong anti-pressure ability.

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