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       Pang Gongki,born in January 24, 1947 in Ninghai, Zhejiang. Chinese painting master Mr. Pan Tianshou’s son. In 1996, he served as dean of the China Academy of Fine Arts. From June 2001 to September 2014, he was the dean of the Central Academy of Fine Arts. He is now the vice-chairman of the Chinese Artists Association and the columnist and expert of the State Council Information Office. Professor of the Chinese Academy of Fine Arts Dean and Central Academy of Fine Arts is also a doctoral tutor at the same time, since 1979 has been teaching Chinese painting and art history, 1992 May to 1994 January to the United States Berkeley University Research visit.

Collection Name:China Master Art Rug Project
Master:Pan Gongkai
Size:“Snow”- 280 cm x 360cm
“Melt”- 1050 cm x 300cm
“Melt 01”- 250 cm x 300cm
“Melt 02”- 250 cm x 300cm
“Melt 03”- 250 cm x 300cm
“Melt 04”- 250 cm x 300cm
Materials:Tibetan highland wool, Chinese silk
Knot:150 knot/inch, 5mm

Snow_280cm x 360cm Melt_1050cm x 300cm Melt_250cm x 300cm Melt_250cm x 300cm Melt_250cm x 300cm Melt_250cm x 300cm